This is the episode that started LoZ: Four Swords Misadventures. It is made in 2004 and remade in 2006. A video with the Spanish dub of this episode, as well as episode 2 and 3, was released on Youtube in November 26, 2017 by the creator via Facebook fan request with updated graphics and music and sound effects.

It starts with the Links getting to the Eastern Palace. Shortly after, an impatient Red Link starts an argument that takes over the Links, with Green Link breaking it up. Purple Link seemed concerned over glory of the quest. Shortly after entering the palace, lack of teamwork shows, so Green Link chooses the rightmost door, which leads him to fall down a bottomless pit, under the excuse that he dodged a Wallmaster. Red and Blue Link takes a look. A rare moment of Role Reversal has Blue Link only concerned that he was right (He choose the center path), with Red Link concerned, but Purple Link trips and knocks Red and Blue Link down the pit. Shortly after, they find Indiana Jones running away from a boulder, with the Links following Indiana Jones, away from the boulder.

Refrences Made

1) Purple Link's quote - "Well, excuuuse me Green Link!" came from the 1980's Zelda cartoons

2) Purple Link's quote - "Is that your final answer?" came from Who Wants to be a Millionare TV Game Show

3) Blue Link's quote - "I got a bad feeling about this." came from Star Wars

4) At the end, the boulder rolls after Indiana Jones. The whole Indiana Jones scene was based on his adventures.